Where are we taking this?


There is nothing so freeing, yet so restrictive, as being your own boss, managing a small business, and striving for entrepreneurial excellence.  Then, there’s the balance of maintaining family life, holding true to one’s convictions, vision, and life goals.  Simply aiming for the ideal can only take one so far. Being present in every situation is of the utmost importance, yet vigilance may be hard to come by in times such as these. Still, we mustn’t squander the privilege of this opportune moment.




History unfolds like a storybook of mythological tales; herstory untold, has been subdued and relegated to reside in the background of reality. Our window into surreal banality, is the faerieland of our loving; living creatively for the sake of sanity. Warning bells ringing, bringing presence of peace to present future past, our destiny, fast releasing, manifesting ethereal planes of fifth dimensional finality.