Working with WordPress


Where I’ve Been

A couple of years ago, I embarked on an adventure to learn how to use WordPress to make websites with custom themes, both by creating child themes and through building with basic frameworks such as and Foundation. A good friend of mine (and former library colleague), Kyle Maurer, started showing me the WP way by holding little teaching sessions in his home at one point…and they went somewhat like this:

Well, perhaps with a bit less formality…but still just as humorous.

Kyle helped give me a jumpstart into the world of WordPress web development by introducing me to tools such as Sublime Text 2, DesktopServerGitHub and the all important WordPress Codex…while also encouraging me to attend WP MeetUps and WordCamps to learn more and connect with others in the community.

What I’ve Been Up To Recently

I’ve attended WordCamp Ann Arbor #WCA2 for the last three years, and have volunteered for all of these awesome events in some capacity. Next spring I plan to be a larger part in organizing the first WordCamp Jackson (#WCJXN?) in my home town, and plan to give a talk on some subject that has yet to be decided.

I truly love working with WordPress, experimenting with code, and learning how to create great user experiences. I’d like to work with those who want to use software to build cool and exciting things, but also with anyone who just needs a great publishing platform and wants to know how to maximize its capabilities.

My Plan of Action

So I have decided to launch my own website, offering web development and responsive design services for those seeking to increase their web presence, devise effective social marketing strategies, better engage their loyal customers and gain new clientele.

If you have an idea that needs web presence, a business that requires ecommerce, online marketing, SEO and automation, and would like to connect, learn, and grow together, lets start a conversation:


Check out my new site, get in touch, and send some feedback please!