Where are we taking this?


There is nothing so freeing, yet so restrictive, as being your own boss, managing a small business, and striving for entrepreneurial excellence.  Then, there’s the balance of maintaining family life, holding true to one’s convictions, vision, and life goals.  Simply aiming for the ideal can only take one so far. Being present in every situation is of the utmost importance, yet vigilance may be hard to come by in times such as these. Still, we mustn’t squander the privilege of this opportune moment.


Integration and Inspiration


I’ve been blogging for many years now, on multiple platforms, both independently and as a guest writer for a variety of local projects.  Now I am trying to put all the pieces together.  I’m starting a venture in web design and development, alongside an effort to make my small coffee business, Cuppa, both profitable and mobile. Help us Kickstart the Cuppa Bus!!

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those were the days…not really.



on second thought, maybe they were…