Life, love, our lives
only last so long
Shall we remain, spending
our days poisoning ourselves
our veins, with misery?
staring into mystery
be your destiny
truly live
forever give
for reason necessitates
action, logic is
the one true
religion, conformity
to falsities gives
rise to gluttony
and vanity
breaking the veil
of the prison wall
the ego
shall bring clarity
If you care, think
If you dare, act
Do you stare into
the eyes of your soul
and see yourself standing
there looking through
eternity? You can wonder
aloud, wander the
crowd, though you can’t
take these words with you
they will follow you in song
amidst the bombs
falling, sing
break free
All you are sacred
All you are Love
And all our isms
are schisms
between our selves
and our Spirit
between our hearts
and our Mother
earth, the soil and dust
from which we emerged
to be kept dumb
until we die
confused from living
a lie
we deceive ourselves
into thinking
all that we see
is right before our eyes
Halt the slave machine
begin anew the Way
of Being
one cannot be sentimental
when it comes to survival
the richest think they
are the fittest
yet the poorest
are the richest
The forest, we can see
is the richest of green
if we are truly being
all that we are seeing
is love
Wake up, wise up
Rise up, listen to
what the prophets
have always been speaking
You are the one
you’ve been seeking


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