desert dream


i stumbled from our gypsy-caravan-exobus expecting to see diesel trucks and gasoline pumps. instead there was a vast sea of cars floating on a bed of asphalt. MEGASTORE CORPORATION loomed over my right shoulder, completely dominating the once tree-lined horizon and crowding out the bright rising sun. as i landed on the black desert ground i noticed a sink sprouting right out of the parking lot beside our bus. thinking nothing of it i walked over to wash my hands. it wasn’t until i began washing that i noticed my lack of clothing. i wasn’t completely naked but the only thing i was wearing were a pair of leopard-print bikini briefs. no sooner did i notice my near nakedness than an agent smith came walking up to me wearing a trench coat and sunglasses. i immediately acknowledged his presence but something more striking caught my eye. sitting right on top of the bus in front of me was a black and white tabloid magazine. it was sitting straight up on end, like some magical force was keeping it in place. and on the cover was the face of osama bin laden with a headline declaring that another terrorist attack was imminent. however this one would not be delivered by human hands. bin laden now had an army of space alien terrorists whom we would have no defense against. nevertheless i continued washing my hands.


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